Magpul MOE PR Carbine Stock – Mil-Spec

Magpul has created the best precision stocks for the AR platforms, and while those stocks were all fantastic for their respective intended purposes, there was never a stock that bridged the gap between the standard carbine-style stock and some of the higher-end, feature rich PRS-style stocks. That changes with the MOE PR Carbine Stock – Mil-Spec.

The MOE PR Carbine Stock perfectly blends the lightweight, simple design of the legacy MOE Carbine stock with some of the more passive, built-in features of the PRS® Lite stock.

For instance, the MOE PR Carbine Stock has a rest on the front edge of the stock so the support hand can apply rearward pressure to the stock, driving it into the shoulder and anchoring the stock firmly in place for repeatable shot placement. The bottom of the stock’s frame also doubles as a bag rider, meaning the shooter gets multiple points of support without any added weight or bulky material.

Other features include a sloping cheek weld that melds a slim profile with user comfort, and a non-slip, rubber butt-pad increases impact protection while allowing for easier shoulder transitions and better fit with body armor. And with an M-LOK slot molded into the rear of the stock, shooters can attach a sling using the slot as a footman’s loop or by adding the Magpul M-LOK® QD Sling Mount to one or both sides of the M-LOK slot. It’s also compatible with CTR Cheek Risers and won’t interfere with single-point slings attached to an ASAP or ASAP QD receiver end plate.

Simply put, the MOE PR stock allows the shooter to remain mobile and navigate close quarters, but permits the stability necessary to take a long shot if the opportunity presents itself. The new stock is available in Black, FDE, and ODG.

Source: Magpul news release

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