Frag Out! Magazine #30

Frag Out! Magazine #30

Frag Out! Magazine #30

Rosomak: 17 years in service

ZSSW-30: Turret systems Part 2

F-35 for Poland

LPR: Polish Medical Air Rescue

WB Group Radmor 35010 Personal Radio

Works 11: Counter-diver systems

Pimp my GROT

Taser Pulse

Tactical Gucci: AKSU Handguard

Direct Action Spitfire Mk II

Helikon-Tex MCDU Combat Shirt

Carinthia gear: 9 months of use


Quite often we heard that recent Polish 5.56 Fabryka Broni...

Thirld World War

Third World War

Writing about war is difficult. Even more difficult is to...