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Frag Out! Magazine #39

ORP Albatros MCV
WB Group: Not just UAVs
Przewodowo Incident
Hybrid War & Hybrid Defense
Reforms of Polish Armed Forces
Royal Jordanian Falcons
F-16 SLEP in WZL-2
Teledyne FLIR Black Hornet 3
IWI Jericho: 941F vs. II M
MSBS/GROT Gas Block Regulator Lock
MAPA Tactical: TMP-02 & CL-01
Gingers Tactical Gear CHAS
Templars Gear PT-6 First Line Kit

Thirld World War

Third World War

Writing about war is difficult. Even more difficult is to...


Quite often we heard that recent Polish 5.56 Fabryka Broni...