Reptilia 1.93″ Height Addition to AUS Mounting System

Reptilia®, a leading innovator in firearm accessories, is proud to announce the latest enhancement to its renowned AUS™ Mounting System: the introduction of a new 1.93-inch height option. This addition rounds out their available magnified optic mount offerings by catering to diverse firearm configurations and ergonomic preferences.

The AUS™ Mounting System by Reptilia® has earned acclaim for its rugged construction, superior accuracy, and seamless integration with a wide range of firearm systems. While the increased optic bore axis height of 1.93 inches was driven by shooters using helmet borne night vision to achieve optimal eye relief and sight picture alignment with greater comfort when mounting optics on rifles, it is also preferred by many users and customers who are using the AUS™ Mounting System during daytime hours.

We are excited to unveil the new 1.93″ height addition to our Reptilia® AUS™ Mounting System, tailored specifically for greater comfort for the shooter when utilizing powered optics on rifles.

This enhancement underscores our commitment to providing shooters with the highest quality accessories that deliver unmatched performance and reliability.

Eric Burt, President at Reptilia®

Key features of the new 1.93″ height addition include:

  • Precision elevation: The increased height of 1.93 inches allows shooters to achieve optimal eye relief and sight picture alignment with greater comfort, when mounting optics on rifles.
  • Durability and stability: Built with robust materials, 7075-T6 Aluminum, and precision engineering, the AUS™ Mounting System ensures steadfast stability and reliability in any shooting environment.
  • Compatibility: The new height option seamlessly integrates with Reptilia® AUS™ Mounting System components, offering effortless installation and compatibility with a wide range of rifle platforms.

Whether for competition, tactical operations, or recreational shooting, the Reptilia® AUS™ Mounting System continues to set the standard for excellence in firearm accessories. The addition of the 1.93″ height option further solidifies its position as the go-to choice for discerning shooters seeking uncompromising performance.

Source: Reptilia news release

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