Olight PL-PRO Valkyrie

The Olight PL-PRO Valkyrie weaponlight is the latest addition to the Olight weaponlights portfolio and reacheargable of their PL-2 weaponlight we have already covered in the Frag Out! Magazine #19.

Olight PL-PRO is a compact weaponlight designed for use with pistols with powerful white light output and wide beam. PL-PRO is upgraded version of previous model, the PL-2 and its dimensions are like the popular Streamlight TLR-1.

The main change in the PL-PRO is the power source, the weaponlight features internal rechargeable 900mAh lithium polymer battery with charging port on the bottom of the light. Battery is charged with MCCA1 compact magnetic charger included in the kit. It has USB plug what allows to connect it to any powerbank, PC, wall charger, etc. The MCCA1 has color LED status indicator: Red – charging, Green – charged. The charging time from 0 to 100% is around 1.5 hours, which is relatively short. Up-charging takes about dozen minutes even if plugged to PC. The weaponlight has LED low battery indicator built-in just behind the charging port, if it turns to Red, then it’s time to get some juice for it. It goes on when there is about 5 minutes of runtime left from the battery. The charging port can be used to attach the RPL-7 remote switch for easier use with long guns.

Weaponlight has dual mode CREE XHP35 HI LED with 1500 lumens or 19,600 candelas output. The hotspot is a neutral white tint whilst the corona has a slight yellowish green tint; and the spill having a neutral white tin, but this is not noticeable in real life use. The LED is placed inside the bezel covered with tempered window and sealed with O-ring. There are also serrations around the edge of the bezel.

The IPX6 compliant PL-PRO has lightweight 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum body and bezel. Light is one-meter drop tested. In the rear part there are two control buttons on both sides. Buttons are polymer. Holding either switch activates Momentary Mode (Low or High, whatever was last mode used), holding both switches simultaneously turns on Strobe Mode, single click activates Constant Mode, two clicks turn on Constant High. When High Mode is on, the output is 1500 lumens. Low Mode is 600 lumens.


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