Carinthia TLG: Technical Light Garment

The latest addition to the collection of cold weather clothing by Austrian Carinthia is TLG Jacket (Technical Light Garment). It was designed as a lightweight insulation for use a stand-alone jacket or as a mid-layer and works great in multiple conditions and scenarios.

The main purpose of TLG hoodie (or hoody) is to provide warmth in moderate cold weather or combined with other layers offered by Carinthia. We have already featured a couple of their products in the past issues of the Frag Out! Magazine, but none of them looks like TLG.

What makes the TLG totally different from earlier jackets is the new Carinthia ISO Mapping Technology where different areas of the jacket feature different types of G-LOFT synthetic insulation for better comfort and performance outdoors. The human body has multiple zones with completely different thermal properties. Some regions of body are getting warmer quicker than other and in some parts your body loose temperature faster. This was base for ISO Mapping Technology. Carinthia’s designers decided to use two types of their proprietary G-LOFT insulation in TLG Jacket for better protection against cold but still providing great ratio between warmth and weight.

The G-LOFT STi (Stable Insulation) features bi-component blend of extremely fine synthetic micro-fibers with memory effect and special low-melt fibers for smallest possible size. The extremely hollow fiber causes a drastic reduction in specific weight and optimal thermal insulation. The 40 g/sqm G-LOFT STi was used in the upper body of the TLG Jacket: chest, shoulders, sleeves and upper back. It does not move during the use.

The G-LOFT Ci (Compact Insulation) shares similar construction as the G-LOFT STi but offers more compact insulation. TLG features 30 g/sqm of insulation. It was used in the bottom front and bottom back areas of the jacket.


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