THEON & SUNROCK to supply the French Ministry of Interior with ARGUS night vision

A four-years Framework Agreement for the supply of ARGUS and ARGUS PANOPTES of THEON SENSORS was signed with the French Ministry of Interior and SUNROCK, which is THEON’s partner for the Law Enforcement market in France.

Through this newly signed contract, the French National Police, the French National Gendarmerie, the French Customs and the Security & Defense Cooperation Directorate can procure up to 8,500 units.

This contract comes just in time to equip French Police units with state-of-the-art night vision capability few months before the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. THEON can supply systems with extremely short delivery times, having the necessary production capacity and unique supply chain set up to deliver distinctive solutions while maintaining a cost-effective structure, allowing to react faster to market demands than anyone else in the industry.

After years of extensive tests and evaluations by demanding countries all over the world, like France, Sweden, UAE, Denmark, The Netherlands, Canada, etc, THEON’s ARGUS is one of the top best-selling, multi-purpose night vision system in the market. More than 75,000 ARGUS systems have been delivered to various Armed and Security forces all over the world. These large world-wide exports, and now the new Framework Agreement with the French Ministry of Interior are indicative of the trust it has gained in the most demanding markets of the world. THEON is today one of the leading companies in night vision goggles for military users with global footprint. With this new contract, THEON strengthens its position also with Police Forces around the world.

Philippe Mennicken, Business Development Director of THEON

It is worth mentioning that before this contract, THEON together with SUNROCK already supplied hundreds of ARGUS Night Vision monocular and other night vision equipment to the French National Gendarmerie, National Police, Customs Units, including the close protection unit of the French Presidency. This further confirms the confidence and trust that demanding customers have in THEON’s products.

It is a real source of pride to be able to equip the various units of the Gendarmerie Nationale and the Police Nationale, particularly in the deployment of security systems for the Olympic Games. This success symbolizes the successful partnership between THEON, a recognized international player in optronics, and SUNROCK, which is strengthening its support for the personnel of the French Ministries of the Interior and the Armed Forces.

Damien Druon, CEO of SUNROCK

THEON’s ARGUS is a family of innovative, full MIL-SPEC, image intensified multi-purpose and modular night vision systems that can be operated as hand-held, head/helmet-mounted or weapon-mounted. In the contract with the French Ministry of Interior, ARGUS will be equipped with 18mm image intensifier tubes, produced in Mérignac (FRANCE) by the French-Dutch manufacturer Exosens – formerly knowns as Photonis.

Source: Theon Sensors press release

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