Des Moines PD Adopts EOTECH BinoNV Night-Vision Goggles

EOTECH is pleased to announce the Des Moines Police Department has adopted the BinoNV night-vision goggle for use in SWAT and special operations. DMPD is the largest and most urban law enforcement agency in the state of Iowa with over 370 sworn officers.

In January of 2022, EOTECH launched a full line of customized, military-grade night vision devices and thermal imagers for distribution and service to US and select international markets.

We are extremely honored that the Des Moines Police Department selected the BinoNV as their dedicated night-vision goggle solution. This selection, along with other agencies across the country, validates the incredible quality, ruggedness and performance our new line of night-vision and thermal products provides.

John Parra, Law Enforcement Manager for EOTECH

The EOTECH BinoNV is a cutting-edge, compact, lightweight night-vision goggle built to full MIL-SPEC standards. Binocular systems offer better depth perception than single tube systems making them preferred for navigating on foot or by vehicle and interacting with the environment. The built-in Diopter adjustments make this model an ideal choice for special operations forces and SWAT applications. This goggle is fully articulable where the user can flip up each monocular easily and independently. It features a self-contained single AA battery and can also be operated with an external battery pack (optional accessory) for increased operational run time.

Source: EOTECH news release

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