EOTECH and THEON SENSORS Announce Product Partnership

EOTECH, the Michigan-based manufacturer of the world’s best holographic and magnified optics continues to grow its impressive portfolio of high-performance products with the execution of a strategic product partnership with THEON SENSORS.

THEON SENSORS will provide EOTECH with a full line of customized, military-grade night vision devices and thermal imagers for distribution and service to US and select international markets.

THEON SENSORS has production facilities and headquarters in Athens, as well as offices in Germany, Arlington Virginia, Abu Dhabi and Singapore. With more than 100,000 systems in service or under contract in more than 55 countries around the world, THEON SENSORS is a sought-after market leader in night vision and thermal imaging systems for military and security applications.

All products are designed in-house by a team of experienced and qualified engineers specializing in all related engineering disciplines such as optical, mechanical, electronics and system design. This ensures high performing and ergonomically advanced systems that increase the safety and mission success rate of soldiers and law enforcement during night operations.

EOTECH has a long history of providing cutting-edge night vision and thermal imaging products to US law enforcement, security professionals, and civilians. The addition of these new and better product lines will enhance that legacy.

We’ve been looking for a partner in this space that can deliver rugged, superior products that match our brand. With THEON SENSORS, we intend to bring those custom products to the US and in addition, co-develop new lines of future products that employ our state-of-the-art technology.

Ed Schoppman, President of North America at EOTECH

THEON SENSORS is excited on this strategic collaboration with a highly reputable US company as EOTECH in an effort to expand sales of a diverse product line for the US law enforcement and commercial market. The DNA and technical competencies of the two organizations will create a new era.

Michalis Kolotos, Director of US Operations at THEON SENSORS USA

Source: EOTECH news release

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