In the world of military geeks, the “pig” is most often associated with 7.62 M-60 GPMG that earned its name during the Vietnam War. Nowadays, however, it might be also associated with tactical gear. All of that thanks to the Patrol Incident Gear aka PIG. Oink-oink!

I got my PIG Full Dexterity Tactical Alpha Glove about a year ago or something like that. A friend of mine, who was then in United States, wrote me that he was to going to buy two pairs of PIG gloves and would get third pair for free and he asked me whether I was interested. Well, you know what they say: “if the give – take it, if they hit – just run” so I accepted the proposal. It was rather due to pure curiosity, because I almost knew nothing about the company, but the gloves looked decent. From their description, I assumed that they would do their job. The price was disturbing, about $30 plus the “buy two, get three” deal – it did not seem like a high-quality product. But free gifts should not be rejected, so I took them, whatever. [yep, that was a sale of discounted model, the current version is like $43]…



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