Clawgear Enforcer Flex

In the very same time as Clawgear Defiant Flex reviewed in FRAG OUT! Magazine #17, we have also received a second model of pants from that company. The Enforcer Flex are more tactical low-profile pants than their “more discreet” brother. Maybe mid-profile would be the best description for this kind of clothing?

The Enforcer Flex were shown for the first time during the IWA 2017 trade show. These are pants for a wide spectrum of use. They do well as casual urban clothing, your tactical-go-to pants where you do a lot of crash & bang stuff, at the shooting range or on the trail. Wherever you will take them, they will be a good choice. Furthermore, Enforcer Flex have some cool features. It is a good combo of low-profile and tactical pants, so yes mid-profile would be a great description.

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