B&T Station SIX: The 2021 Welrod

B&T USA, a Florida-based importer of Swiss B&T AG has announced new integrally-suppressed Station SIX pistols.

Tracing its roots back to the covert, World War II-era Welrod pistol, and more modernized contract VP9, the all-new Station SIX (Silenced Project caliber 9) harkens back to the famed SOE Station IX, where the original concept was conceived by the, then, Inter-Services Research Bureau.

This updated, integrally suppressed pistol features a new grip and updated magazines, yet maintains its non-descript appearance, whisper-quiet sound signature and unique rotating bolt operation. Available in 9mm and .45 Auto.


The VP9 is a very unique manually operated bolt action pistol in 9x19mm caliber. The manual operation, ported barrel and integrated suppressor make it probably the quietest 9mm pistol in the world.

B&T developed the VP9 in response to requests from Swiss veterinarians that required a very quiet firearm for dispatching sick cattle or game injured along the motorway without disturbing the other animals or residence in the area. That is why VP9 stands for Veterinary Pistol 9mm. The development goal was to have quietest possible sound but with sufficient energy to dispatch a large bovine animals quickly with a low risk of ricochet or over penetration. The sound produced by the VP9 is less than 125 dB. Supersonic ammunition can be used and will have the velocity reduced to subsonic speed by means of a ported barrel. The pistol can be easily disassembled into three parts for compact and discreet transportation.


The Welrod is a British bolt action, magazine fed, suppressed pistol devised during World War II by Major Hugh Reeves at the Inter-Services Research Bureau (later Station IX). Station IX, being based near Welwyn Garden City, gave the Welrod its unusual name, being derived from “Wel” from “Welwyn Garden City” (a prefix used by covert equipment designed by Station IX) and “rod” as a way to obscure its purpose.

Designed for use by irregular forces and resistance groups, the Welrod is an extremely quiet gun, developing only 73 dB when fired. Approximately 2,800 were made, with as many as 14,000 including post-World War II numbers.

Photo: Wikipedia

Source: B&T USA

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