Breakthrough order for Racal Acoustics RA4000 headset in the US market

INVISIO has received a first major order for the new RA4000 Magna headset, a breakthrough for the Racal Acoustics brand in the North American market. The order value is SEK 42 million.

The order is in support of a large defense contractor to the US Department of Defense where high noise attenuation is required, and deliveries are planned monthly through September 2023.

This marks the first introduction in over 25 years in the US market of Active Noise Reduction (ANR) tactical headsets, designed for heavy armored vehicles.

The RA4000 Magna™ digital headset is Racal Acoustics most recently developed product. It offers market-leading hearing protection, communication capability and situational awareness. The RA4000 Magna™ has modular, customizable, and upgradeable features and accessories, which makes it possible to meet specific customer requirements, while prolonging the life of the product.

The order is a result of focused and joint efforts of INVISIO’s North American 30-strong sales organization and the experienced Racal Acoustics product team. Since the acquisition of Racal Acoustics in 2021, the brand’s products have been fully integrated with the Group’s sales and marketing. This has provided tremendously increased exposure of the brand in the US market.

There is “no doubt that the new RA4000 Magna™ headset is a market-leading solution for extremely noisy vehicle environments. We are very pleased with its current success in the North American market. The increasing activity level in the market for heavy military vehicles means that we expect a strong order intake going forward.

Lars Højgård Hansen, CEO of INVISIO

Strengthened outlook for the Racal Acoustics product family

A substantially more uncertain geopolitical situation continues to put defense and security matters high on the agenda. The need for modern communication equipment with hearing protection is already great in many countries and demand is now expected to rise more, due to a greater focus on defense matters and generally higher appropriations.

This is reflected not least in a rising level of activity in the market for military vehicles, for example, an area addressed by Racal Acoustics.

Source: INVISIO news release

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