Walther PDP selected for System Pistole Spezialkräfte

German Special Forces have selected 9 mm Walther PDP semi-automatic pistol as a new duty handgun which will replace older Heckler & Koch P30 and Glock 17 (P9A1) pistols in all German special forces units such as KSK or KSM.

The Bundeswehr procurement authority BAAINBw on 31st January 2023 published the invitation to tender for a framework contract (7 years) for the manufacture and supply of the “Special Forces Pistol System”. The system wss intended to replace the P30 (Heckler & Koch) and P9A1 (Glock) pistols . The full-size and compact variants of the Bundeswehr System Pistole Spezialkräfte (Special Forces Pistol System) – abbreviated BaWa or KoWa SysPi SpezKr Bw – will be procured.

The BAAINbw was planning to procure up to 3,200 kits of the full-size pistols (BaWa) with accessories and up to 3,300 kits of the compact pistols (KoWa) and accessories. In addition, up to 820 kits of BaWa training pistols and accessories and up to 1,180 kits of KoWa training pistols and accessories as well as up to 430 dummy pistols . Dummies are purely training items without firearm characteristics.

In addition, there are optional kits of BaWa/KoWa, optionalsets of BaWa/KoWa training pistols, dummies, special tool set, spare parts package, services.

The BAAINBw specified the following design features:

  • The full-size and compact handgun with common design.
  • Pistols has to be suitable for the maritime environment.
  • Pistols has to have an identical interface for reflex sights.
  • Pistols has to have a rail for a laser light module.
  • Pistols has to be suppressor/compensator compatible.

ITAR-Free was also one of the requirements The bidder must also ensured the supply of spare parts for the next twelve years.

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