Sordin Supreme X2BT: New flexible Bluetooth® hearing protector for hunting and shooting

Sordin launches Sordin Supreme X2BT, a Bluetooth®-based electronic hearing protector designed specifically for hunting and shooting sports. It is based on the SordinFLEX modular design platform – offering a new level of design flexibility.

Sordin Supreme X2BT is Sordin’s second major market introduction in a month. The new product is first displayed today at the IWA trade show in Nuremberg, following last month’s launch of its MIL-classified sibling T2 at SHOT Show in Las Vegas.

X2BT is Sordin’s biggest Bluetooth® product launch for hunting and shooting sports to this date. The new product is a response to growing demand for a wireless, high-end communication headset.

We are happy to meet our hunting and shooting customers’ requests for a new Bluetooth® hearing protector with a high attenuation value.

Therése Wilson, CEO at Sordin

Like T2, the X2BT is based on the new SordinFLEXTM modular design platform. This unique design concept is set to change the global hearing protector industry at the core by providing full design and user-configuration flexibility.

X2BT is more than a first-class headset, it is a complete platform for varying user needs. You can easily reconfigure your X2BT, for example from headband to neckband version, or vice versa, using SordinFLEX accessories – fast, easy and without the need for tools.

We built Sordin Supreme X2BT new from the ground up. Every component is designed from scratch, adding up to a true high-quality hearing protector. There is simply nothing like X2BT for hunting and shooting today.

Christian Nilsson, CMO at Sordin

The modular design also helps to extend the product’s lifetime, since all wear parts are detachable and available as spare parts. Add timeless Supreme values such as robustness, smart electronics and software algorithms, and a firstclass sound experience – and you have a high-value investment for years to come.


The X2BT level-dependent headset is designed specifically for hunting and shooting. The hearing protector has a high noise attenuation given its slim cup design. The rugged and waterproof design ensures uninterrupted wireless communication using Bluetooth®, even in harsh operating conditions. Advanced ambient sound support with a high directional sensitivity lets users quickly and accurately locate ambient sounds, such as commands and instructions, without removing their hearing protector, even in high-noise environments with gunfire.


  • Robust headband assembly with optional fixed leather or detachable textile cover
  • Bluetooth® enabled
  • Waterproof
  • Single-battery solution with auto shutdown (4 h)
  • Sound level limitation, max 82 dB(A)
  • Short decay time, restoring normal sound instantly after a shot
  • Slim cups to fit both left-handed and right-handed shooters and wearers of eyeglasses
  • High amplification and natural sound reproduction without chopping and cutting out


Human hearing is sensitive to different sound levels and frequencies. The SordinHEAR2 audio profiles are pre-set ambient sound listening modes, which optimize your sound experience by adapting the gain and frequency to your actual sound environment. You switch easily between audio profiles and each selection is confirmed by voice feedback. The following audio profiles are included:

  • Hunter: Medium gain and frequency spectrum
  • Focus: Low gain and frequency spectrum
  • Shooter: High gain and frequency spectrum
  • ‍Ambient off: Ambient sound turned off


  • Cups, foam inserts: ABS, PU foam
  • ‍Suspension: Stainless steel and plastic
  • ‍Headband cover: Leather or textile
  • ‍Sealing rings: ABS or PVC foil, padding of memory foam or silicone


  • Battery: 1x 3.7 V 14500 rechargeable
  • Operating conditions: –32°C to +55°C / –25.6°F to +131°F‍
  • Weight (including battery): 367 grams (models with silicone gel sealing rings)‍


The SordinFLEX modular design platform includes the following accessories:

  • Headband
  • Neckband
  • Helmet ARC Rails (mainly for T2 models)
  • Helmet Rear ARC Rails (mainly for T2 models)


Sordin Supreme X2BT can be equipped with a X2 Flex Com BT communication kit (accessory), optionally mounted left or right.

Source: Sordin news release

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