UF PRO Introduces Tough-as-Nails Yet Ultra-Comfortable Striker X Combat Shirt to Meet Demanding Needs of Military Operatives

UF PRO announced the addition of a lighter weight, higher strength, greater comfort, and all-around better performing combat shirt to its acclaimed Striker X range of tactical clothing. The Striker X Combat Shirt—designed expressly to meet the bruising needs of military operatives—is set to become available on 21 April.

Our Striker X Combat Shirt is innovative on multiple levels.

The upper torso and sleeves employ the new NyCo Extreme material in MultiCam, while the lower torso consists of Lizard/Skin, which is an innovative, highly stretchable Lyocell-polyamide fabric overlaid with ceramic dots.

Together, this construction results in a no-melt/no-drip garment that is extremely comfortable but incredibly rugged—able to withstand the kind of punishment that military operators routinely dish out.

Armin Wagner, head of UF PRO product development

Other impressive properties of the Striker X Combat Shirt include:

  • Enhanced breathability
  • Fast drying times
  • Superior resistance to abrasion from plate carriers and other toted gear
  • Exceptional functionality
  • Extended life

Wagner said the Striker X Combat Shirt improves on the design of the Striker XT Gen.2 by adding air-permeable padding to the area where the garment drapes over the wearer’s pelvic crest.

This helps ensure that hips don’t become irritated from having a gear-laden belt on all day,” he explained.

Another improvement is the Striker X Combat Shirt’s three-level collar closure system. This allows wearers to choose how much of their neck to expose to the open air.

Some will want the collar fully open for maximum ventilation, others will want it fully closed for combat-readiness, and still others will want it in between to smarten their look.

He mentioned that increased ventilation is also possible by unfastening the openings located in the upper sleeves—one more improvement made to the shirt.

These openings are strategically positioned to deliver a cooling airflow that helps keep wearers’ core temperature right where it’s supposed to be so that they can stay on top of their game rather than wilting from excess heat buildup and consequently losing their mental focus.

Wearer protection is increased as well, Wagner revealed. Specifically, the Striker X Combat Shirt at its elbows features anatomically shaped pockets designed to receive UF PRO Flex-Elbow Pads.

UF PRO said it plans to make the Striker X Combat Shirt available in four camouflage patterns/colour schemes: MultiCam; Brown Grey; Flecktarn; and Steel Grey.

The garment is expected to retail for 129€.

Source: UF PRO news release

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