Trijicon Introduces New 1-10×28 Credo and Credo HX Riflescopes

Trijicon® is excited to introduce the new Credo® and Credo® HX 1-10×28 riflescopes, a Brilliant Aiming Solution designed for personal defense and tactical environments, competition shooting, and hunting alike.

Engineered to perform at both CQB distance and more extended ranges, the 1-10×28 features a first focal plane design and a light, slim body style built to the durability standards Trijicon is known for.

The Segmented Circle Enhanced reticles utilized in the 1-10×28 models offer an illuminated segmented circle for close engagements at lower power, and a fine illuminated cross dot for more extended shots. There are also subtle wind holds within the reticle for more precise distant shots as needed. The reticles are based off the reticle in the U.S. Marine Corps Squad Common Optic (SCO) variant of the Trijicon VCOG.

The Credo 1-10×28 gives you fully multi-coated, broadband, anti-reflective glass, a 34mm tube and 28mm objective lens for excellent light transmission, true detail and color with zero distortion. The reticle features dual red/green user-selectable LED illumination with an “off” in between each setting for fast adjustment to any environment. Designed for speed and precision, the segment circle with cross dot reticle allows the shooter to quickly bracket targets and use up to 30 MRAD of windage and elevation holds without the need to dial. When dialing is preferred, the exposed elevation adjuster provides crisp, consistent clicks. Total elevation travel of 29 MRAD is available, and return to zero is precise and rock-solid on the exposed elevation turret.

The Credo 1-10×28 features a durable matte finish and easy-grip controls that deliver fast, intuitive adjustments, while a repositionable magnification lever accommodates different shooting positions and rifle configurations.

The Credo HX 1-10×28 riflescope offers the same tough-as-nails construction and is designed with the serious hunter in mind. From dangerous game up-close and personal, to open country whitetails, the MOA-based Segmented Circle Enhanced illuminated reticle will provide the speed and accuracy needed for any shot.

Credo and Credo HX riflescopes are tested to Military Standards and backed by The Science of Brilliant® testing methodology that Trijicon takes to every product. Every model is Alaska-to-Africa Tested to ensure performance from -20°F to 140°F, giving shooters and hunters supreme confidence in any climate.

Each model is Solid Zero Tested and subjected to 5,000 rounds of heavy cartridge testing to ensure no reticle shift, while Drop Testing guarantees that every bump and bruise won’t result in a warranty claim.

All models are Shock & Vibration Tested to take on recoil and the abuse of the field without failure. Finally, all models are Immersion Tested and dry-nitrogen filled to eliminate internal fogging in even the harshest environments.

Source: Trijicon news release

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