SHOT Show 2024: Wilcox Details FUSION CLAW and RAPTAR Xe

Unveiling of the Wilcox Industries Corp. FUSION CLAW artist painting will take place at this year’s SHOT SHOW in Las Vegas, Nevada on January 23, 2024, at Booth #62303 at 3pm PST. Refreshments will be served and all are welcome.

Chris (Lefty) Rios, the artist will unveil his latest night vision commission for Wilcox using his signature illumination technique. Don’t miss his visionary work and your chance to walk away with a signed print!

To celebrate our “FUSION CLAW™ Headborne System consortium partnership”, our partners will be available at the Wilcox booth for this event to provide insight and information on this advanced system. The FUSION CLAW is a preeminent headborne modular technology platform that integrates night vision, communications equipment, Identification Friend-Foe (IFF), Artificial Intelligence (AI) informed power prioritization, multi-spectral forward illumination, and mission recording into one lightweight integrated package. Modularity, scalability adaptability, and power management represent the primary design ethos of the FUSION CLAW system, effectively enabling operators to focus on their mission at hand.

In addition, Wilcox has expanded the revolutionary capabilities of the RAPTAR S within a lighter, smaller form factor within the newly released RAPTAR Xe providing precision shooters with a complete package of enhanced ranging capabilities. This new system allows the operator to illuminate a target out to 1500m on 10% reflective man-sized target and quickly generate a ballistic solution, all while keeping their eyes on the target and their hands on the Wilcox ERGOCTO® Activation Keypad. The RAPTAR Xe includes a laser range finder, integrated ballistic solver, IR flood, IR Pointer, VIS Pointer and Bluetooth connectivity that supports multiple external devices and the future of networked combat operations. These leading-edge features increase the operator’s lethality, situational awareness and significantly increases their first-round hit capability.

Source: Wilcox Industries news release

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