The M2 can operate anywhere in the world, supporting the warfighter or first responder at the point-of-need

RapidFlight Introduces M2: A High Endurance, Fixed Wing UAS

RapidFlight, a Virginia-based unmanned aircraft manufacturing company, is proud to announce the launch of their new UAS, the M2. This innovative UAS features a high efficiency, heavy fuel engine with high-capacity generators to power various sensor, communication, and mission system payloads.

Runway independent, the M2 can operate anywhere in the world to support the warfighter or first responder at the point-of-need.

The M2 UAS in action during a long endurance flight test

By integrating digital engineering with 3D additive manufacturing, we have been able to create a new class of affordable long range Group 3 UAS. The M2 will usher in a new era for unmanned systems, allowing for the mass production of a high-performance aircraft to meet multiple missions with previously unattainable affordability and production flexibility. This unprecedented flight demonstrates that UAS made with additive manufacturing can have uncompromised performance.

Jay Gundlach, Ph.D., RapidFlight’s Chief Executive Officer

The M2 utilizes state-of-the-art Digital Engineering and 3D Additive Manufacturing making it a unique and adaptable system that can be produced at scale. A 23-60 lb payload capacity provides flexibility with the ability to carry EO/IR, SAR, SIGINT and communication relay payloads. The modular design of the M2 simplifies operational logistics for line replaceable avionics, engines, payloads, and airframe components enabling higher operational rates at lower sustainment costs.

The M2 can operate anywhere in the world, supporting the warfighter or first responder at the point-of-need

Designed to provide Group 5 range from a Group 3 system, the M2 offers a lightweight alternative without sacrificing endurance. Recently RapidFlight completed a 21-hour continuous flight using the M2 which has been designed to meet a maximum flight time of 36 hours.

With this flight, we’ve shown it is possible to build high performance aircraft at low cost and in record time. Equally important is that we can rapidly adapt the design to other customers who might have different payloads or mission needs, without compromising our ability to produce the airplanes affordably and at scale.

Jean-Charles Ledé, RapidFlight’s Chief Technology Officer

The M2 accompanies a range of UAS that RapidFlight is designing and manufacturing in their Virginia-based facility. With industry-leading UAS fabrication time, RapidFlight can deliver capability to the field faster than ever with the M2 and future systems.

Source: RapidFlight news release

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