Q30® Introduces the Q-Collar® for Tactical and Military Applications, the First FDA-Cleared Device that Protects Warfighter’s Brains During Head Impacts

Dedicated to providing the same level of protection against traumatic brain injury to warfighters as it does for athletes around the world, Q30® Innovations today announces the planned availability of the Q-Collar® to the military and law enforcement communities in a tactical version.

The patented Q-Collar is the only FDA-cleared device that helps protect the brain during head impacts. According to the Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center, more than 333,000 U.S. service members have been diagnosed with traumatic brain injury (TBI) since 2000. Multiple studies indicate that the Q-Collar, properly used across military and law enforcement applications, could significantly reduce the risk of TBIs.

To date, the most common attempt to reduce traumatic head injuries – including concussions – has been the use of helmets. However, helmets do not prevent the movement of the brain within the skull, also known as “brain slosh.” Rapid acceleration and deceleration movement of the brain leads to the twisting and tearing of neurons, which is the cause of concussions and TBI.

The Q-Collar is the first and only product authorized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to help protect athletes’ brains during head impacts to combat slosh and its impact on the human brain. The Collar is now available in blackout or MultiCam® versions. Each one is painted and dipped by U.S. military veterans. The Collar has also been tested for compatibility with most of the current military and government issued helmets.

In February 2021, the FDA authorized marketing of this new device intended to be worn around the neck of individuals aged 13 years and older to aid in the protection of the brain from the effects associated with repetitive sub-concussive head impacts. The non-invasive device, called Q-Collar, is a C-shaped collar that applies mild compressive force to the neck and increases blood volume to help reduce movement of the brain within the cranial space. The device may reduce the occurrence of specific changes in the brain that are associated with brain injury.

The Q-Collar has been the subject of over 10 years of painstaking research, including 28 successful pre-clinical and clinical studies, five tolerability studies with professional and Olympic athletes, measuring the impact of the product on over 1,000 athlete participants and measuring over 500,000 impacts over 20 g’s with no reported adverse events.

The results of one clinical study with SWAT personnel subjected to low-level blast exposure during breacher training suggest that the Q-Collar could reduce the risk and severity of TBI from blast waves in addition to collisions.

We are continuing to test the Q-Collar in the harshest environments and conditions with the most elite U.S. warfighters. In addition to brain injury protection, we are receiving significant feedback on other possible positive effects on combat and training performance including hearing protection, shooting accuracy and effectiveness and enhanced focus driving over extended periods of time and reduced headaches and fatigue. Q30 is committed to further research relating to these possible benefits of wearing the Q-Collar.

Tom Hoey, Q30’s co-CEO

The Q-Collar is made in the U.S.A., constructed with pride in Sussex, Wisconsin and is Berry Compliant. Each product has a unique serial number and goes through a strict quality assurance process.

The Collar is designed to be low profile and provide an ergonomic, secure fit, even under wet conditions. It is impact and chemical-resistant and weighs less than 4 ounces.

The tactical version of the Q-Collar will be available for purchase in the first quarter of 2022.

Source: Q30 Innovations news release

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