Oakley Standard Issue Announces American Heritage Collection

Oakley® Standard Issue has announced the launch of the new American Heritage Collection to honor and recognize the distinctive nose art seen on 1940s allied military aircraft. The three-piece collection features Gascan®, Holbrook™ and Drop Point™ models, all uniquely designed to commemorate the rich history and individuality behind these iconic aircraft and their crews.

We’re excited to introduce the latest addition to our American Heritage collection paying tribute to the iconic aircraft art from the 1940s. This method of self-expression allowed these men to showcase their individuality and give their planes a persona to not only keep them safe, but also give them some reminders of home.

Erick Poston, Senior Director of Oakley SI

Born from practicality in identifying friendly units from foe, the nose art on these aircraft gave each plane its own personality. These designs were morale-boosting, good-luck charms, and reminders of personal lives, hobbies, characteristics and much more. It is a kind of folk art that provides a unique insight into the mindset of the aircrew and ground personnel who were thrust into an environment where the only certainty was the uncertainty of their survival.

The American Heritage Collection consists of three different configurations from Oakley’s assortment with options in the Holbrook™, Gascan® and Drop Point™ models. All eyewear includes Prizm™ Lens Technology and features a unique scheme associated with historic aircraft designs. MSRP starting at $183.

Source: Oakley Standard Issue news release

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