Laugo Arms Alien Pistol Demo Day 2018

Frag Out! Magazine Crew was appointed to attend the Laugo Arms Czechoslovakia Alien Pistol Day near Pribram, Czech Republic. It was unique chance for global firearms journalist to put the hands on the very first Alien premium match pistols, which are so innovative that they can be truly called out of this world. That’s why they are called Alien.

The pistol is chambered in 9mm Para and is gas delayed blowback operated gun (remember Heckler & Koch P7?) with piston and has fixed barrel. Pistol does not have classic locking slide and the gas pressure from the barrel is used to slow down the recoil thought through gas piston against the slide movement. And that’s the thing that makes it very different what we have seen in the past – the bore sits very low for great stability during shooting. Basically, it’s axis in the shooter’s grip axis.

The Alien has an interchangeable sight rail, upper part of slide, that allows the shooter to swap between a red dot sight and iron sights for different IPSC classes if required. This part does not move during shooting what extends the sights life-time.

Alien pistol has patented single action trigger mechanism and internal hammer attached to the upper replaceable rail, which is inverted (similarly to KRISS Vector submachine gun). For shooter that means operation rills like with ordinary striker fire pistol but with the advantage of smooth, light and short match-grade trigger travel just 4mm long and 14N pull. It can be, at least currently, factory adjusted from 10 to 25N. Magazine release button and slide release are enlarged for speed reloads.

Laugo Arms Alien is fed from 17 rounds proprietary stainless-steel magazines with enlarged base pad. Alien will be launched for sale in 2019 and first run will be limited down to 500 pieces. This exclusive edition will consist of pistol with two different top slide rails, two types of magwells, three 17 rounds magazines, Kydex molded holster with adjustable aircraft-grade aluminum hip mount, all packed in neat padded range bag. First comes the IPSC race gun, but in future we can expect compact and maybe a combat version too. Time will show.

During the demo, Czech top IPSC shooters from Laugo Arms were completing the very same stages with their standard IPSC firearms and with Aliens. Journalists could compare Aliens with different sights and grips against STI and CZ Shadows competition pistols and the advantage was clearly on the Alien side. This is a true game changer and runs amazingly well. We were even able to hit steel targets hundred meters away using the gun with the iron sights.

More details coming soon in upcoming Frag Out! Magazine issue. Now. feel free to check some photos from that event. Want more? There was some live photos in our social media! Check the Instagram and Facebook!





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