Frag Out! Magazine #16 - LALO Tactical Shadow Amphibian

LALO Tactical Shadow Amphibian 5

Many tactical and tacticool gear companies were established by former soldiers, very often ex-SOF. Undoubtedly, it gives such companies some splendor and credibility – people who used military equipment must be the best sort of experts who know how things are done, right? The history of San Diego based LALO Tactical was no different. It was established by former SOF and NSW guys. LALO Tactical has become an expert in footwear intended for SOF, with a particular focus put on waterborne missions.

LALO Tactical Shadow Amphibian 5 design is purpose follow – they were designed from ground up as a waterborne operations boots and to not keep the water out, but to let if flow in and out of the boot as needed. LALO Tactical Shadow Amphibian 5 are 100% synthetic. These are rugged, durable, mildew-resistant and they provide proper parameters required in water and on the deck. The following materials were used for production…


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