MTEK Future Lightweight Undercut eXpandable (FLUX) is a new ground-braking line up of personal protection equipment. The bump & ballistic helmets from MTEK are getting more and more popular, mostly in the United States. Let us take a closer look at MTEK FLUX Carbon-V, their take on bump helmet with some innovative features and ubercool design.

The Martinsville, Idiana based MTEK company (formerly MTEK Weapons Systems) is an experienced player on the market of advanced ballistic protection solutions. Some of the readers may remember its most famous products, i.e. the G4 Mandibles, maxillofacial protection system, which have been quite popular among Allied vehicle gunners in GWOT. In 2014, the company decided to make use of the knowledge and experience gained in production of ballistic protection systems and launch totally new product, which was the line of FLUX helmets and headgear. The first presentation took place in 2015, but the serial production was launched a bit later. Officially, FLUX entered the market in 2016 – MTEK needed some time to develop the final version of the new helmets family…



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