goTenna Releases goTenna Pro Deployment Kit 2, a new mobile command center with a detachable ruggedized tablet

goTenna, the world leader in mobile mesh networking, today unveiled a new mobile command center called the goTenna Pro Deployment Kit (goKit 2) at the annual Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC).

In addition to being a portable charging kit for up to 30 Pro X devices, the goKit 2 now serves as an off-grid mobile situational awareness command center to provide unmatched situational awareness at the tactical edge without cell service or satellite connectivity.

This release builds on its predecessor, the goTenna Pro Deployment Kit, which was released in 2018. Notable new features of the goKit 2 include increased layers of security, expedited setup time, and the ability to serve as a command node on the goTenna mesh network. With the introduction of a ruggedized Android tablet, users can use ATAK to communicate with deployed goTenna networks.

We wanted the end user to have complete mission deployment visualization and control via a detachable mobile tablet versus relying on built-in hardware. This product will inherently give users the ability to operate more safely and deploy in a more expedited and flexible manner.

Ari Schuler, goTenna CEO

Another upgrade that comes with the goKit 2 is the ability to share apps, frequency sets, and ATAK data packages over the Wi-Fi hotspot. Using the Wi-Fi hotspot feature, users will be able to set up a local Wi-Fi hotspot directly on the tablet and share what they selected over their new local Wi-Fi network. No internet connection is required for sharing over the hotspot, enabling users with offline and/or sensitive missions to utilize the goKit 2. Using the ATAK plugin, users will be able to download their deployment pack.

The goKit 2 is specifically ruggedized to enable end-users to operate in austere environments such as search and rescue missions, law enforcement, military operations, humanitarian deployments, and wildland fire responses. With a capacity of 30 Pro X units, the goKit 2 enables rapid, scalable deployment. The goKit 2 is now available for purchase here.

A future release in Q3 of 2022 will include the ability to share maps, encryption keys, and your Position, Location, Information (PLI) update rate.

Source: goTenna news release

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