L3Harris Introduces RO-X Next Generation Satellite Radio With Built-In Messaging and Situational Awareness

L3Harris Technologies (NYSE:LHX) has introduced the most advanced handheld satellite radio operating within the U.S. Space Force’s Distributed Tactical Communications Systems.

The next-generation RO®-X tactical radio transmits and receives voice and GPS over a single antenna, with a full keypad and color display to provide a user-friendly interface to create, send and read messages. Building off of the successful fielding of 15,000 RO satellite radios, the next-generation RO-X delivers improved, embedded messaging and situational awareness without requiring established ground infrastructure.

Situational awareness is key to success in the modern battlespace. Now, everyone with an RO-X in their hand can add to their team’s intelligence in real time.

David Kornick, President, Intelligence & Cyber, L3Harris

The RO-X is designed to be used by any tactical unit in need of reliable, satellite-enabled radios with secure “walkie-talkie” connection speeds. Leveraging the Distributed Tactical Communications System (DTCS) provided by the USSF Enhanced Mobile Satellite Service (EMSS) office, RO-X users can place receive calls remotely from the radio, including to smartphones and tablets via a push-to-talk application and embedded Wi-Fi. Once the satellite connection is established, the radio maintains the link to achieve near instantaneous Push-To-Talk capability.

The next-generation RO-X system complements L3Harris’ Falcon® radio product line, which has delivered network-centric communications to more than 700,000 troops around the world. With more than six decades of tactical expertise and more than 1 million radios deployed, L3Harris is the global technology leader connecting ground, sea, air and space with reliable, secure mission-critical tactical communications.

The RO-X radio will be available (L3Harris booth #813) during the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference May 16 to 19 in Tampa, Fla.

Source: L3Harris press release

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