Edge Eyewear Legends

Some time ago, the “Edge” would be only mean David “The Edge” Howell for me. Yeah. the famous guitarist from U2 band. Since less than a year, that word reminds me of cool eyepros.

Before I got my Edge Eyewear Legends from FRAG OUT! boys, I had had no idea about the existence of that company (and mind that 20018 is the 20th anniversary of its establishment). Its HQ is located in Layton, UT, USA. If someone had asked me about ESS, Oakley, Wiley X, Smith Optics or Bolle, I would have said “yeah, I have known those companies for years”, but the first time I became familiar with Edge Tactical Eyewear was summer 2017. It is when I got my Edge Legends – I have been using them until now and, basically, I have permanently included them in my every day kit.

Legends are certified eye protection. They feature non-aggressive design, so they are good for the shooting range as well as for everyday use. You can argue that typical eyewear for shooting purposes can use in everyday situations. However, if you have to dress officially (I have to), then you look rather odd with such uber-tactical glasses. But the thing is different with Edge Legends.

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