CORE Survival HEL-STAR Rail Strobe®

CORE Survival® was selected to work with Gentex as the launch provider of the rail-mounted strobe for their Next Generation Headborne System (NG-HBS), a fully integrated RaiLink™ system designed to provide power from a single battery source for all helmet-mounted kit including NODs, communications, and accessory lighting.

HEL-STAR Rail Strobe® is a helmet-rail mounted visible (white) and IR synchronized strobe marker installed on both sides of the helmet—leaving the top of the helmet clear for reduced snag hazards and increased mobility.

Small Footprint with Four Settings

High and low visibility in both White and IR. Built with CORE Survival’s patented technology for maximum performance in a low-profile, snag-resistant package.

Tactile Operation

Switches are designed for positive operation by a gloved hand, while the helmet is donned. Patented double-switch blocks inadvertent switching between visible and IR functions.

Industry Team Collaboration

CORE Survival was selected to work with Gentex, Surefire, and Princeton Tec as the launch provider for this game-changing piece of kit. The Special Operations community spoke; We listened.

HEL-STAR Rail Strobe® Advantages

  • Safety – Low-profile design integrates with the helmet rail and curvature to reduce snag hazards.
  • Mobility – Mounting the strobes to each side rather than the top of the helmet improves personal mobility by eliminating lighting from the top of the helmet.
  • Security – Secure attachment to the helmet rail reduces the likelihood of loss during airborne or ground operations.
  • Versatility – Provides both visible and IR signals in dim and bright settings.
  • Visibility – Bi-lateral mounting ensures strobes are visible from all directions. Intensities in both visible and IR modes can be scaled up or down for special requirements.
  • Ease of Operation – Familiar HEL-STAR® type switches provide positive operation and function identification with a gloved-hand, in the blind, with the helmet donned.
  • Operating Extremes – Tested to assure shock, vibration, thermal and dust resistance and waterproofness.
  • Status Confirmation – Switch design provides visual and tactile confirmation of operating status with no guesswork. A patented double safety switch precludes inadvertent switching from covert to overt modes

Source: CORE Survival news release

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