Princeton Tec Switch Railink Low Signature Task Light

Princeton Tec, manufacturer of headlamps and personal lighting for the outdoor, tactical, industrial and SCUBA markets, has announced the newest addition to the MPLS (Modular Personal Lighting System) Headlamp family, the Switch Railink Low Signature Task Light.

Princeton Tec is excited to partner with Gentex/Ops-Core to offer an integrated powered lighting solution

The Switch Railink MPLS is a low light/IR easy to operate directional lighting solution that works with the Gentex Railink powered rail system. Weighing in at only 13 grams with its easy to operate glove friendly switch gives the end user a fail safe lighting solution for all their low light and IR lighting needs.

  • POWER 6 Lumens
  • LAMP 2 Ultrabright LEDs
  • BATTERIES Powered by Railink system
  • WEIGHT 0.45oz / 13g
  • Red/IR LEDs
  • Directional
  • Easy to operate user interface
  • Light weight
  • Powered by the Railink system
  • Left or right mounting option
  • Switch Railink fits all Ops-Core FAST helmets

Source: Princeton Tec news release

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