Unity Tactical Launches Spade Grip Mount

Unity Tactical is proud to announce the release of the Spade Grip Mount for their popular Hot Button line.

Hot Button remote switches are an industry-leading electronic control system that has proven itself on the battlefield and at home. It provides a solidly mounted and dependable remote switch option for weapon optics, lasers and lights. Hot Buttons are available to function industry standard electronic devices and can be configured to work with OEM and specialty products.

The Spade Grip Mount takes all of the features that made Hot Button the industry-leading remote switch and makes it available for crew served weapons. Designed to support a project for B.E. Meyers as a control module for the IZLID laser system, the Spade Grip Mount attaches directly to the fire control on the M2 Browning Machine Gun as well as most other spade grip equipped weapons systems.

Spade Grip Mount conveniently places two Hot Buttons at the top of a grip handle for easy thumb activation. It can be securely mounted on either right or left side and will not move under hard use. Spade Grip Mount has several key features:

  • Rock solid mounting structure.
  • Button Cover / Lockout to prevent ND.
  • Dual button paddle activation to fire two devices simultaneously
  • Single button activation

Hot Buttons can be built with device-specific leads for almost universal device control. The Spade Grip Mount for Hot Button redefines the command and control of devices for crew served weapons and can be reconfigured to accommodate other spade grip solutions on various weapon systems at the customer’s request.

Source: Unity Tactical news release

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