Textron Systems’ Cottonmouth ARV experiences maturation over a year of evaluation

2023 was a very successful year for Textron Systems’ Cottonmouth™ Advanced Reconnaissance Vehicle (ARV). The execution of the USMC evaluation phase of the ARV program has showcased the transformational capabilities that this platform can provide to the United States Marine Corps.

Over the course of the year, the Cottonmouth was evaluated throughout a variety of mission-critical phases. These phases included water mobility, and the crucial command, control, communications, and computers (C4) evaluation. These automotive and Systems Integration Lab (SIL) evaluation events took place across various U.S. locations including the Nevada Automotive Test Center (NATC), Camp Pendleton and Naval Information Warfare Center (NIWC) Atlantic and the Marine Corps Tactical Systems Support Activity (MCTSSA). The successful completion of these evaluation phases has allowed the USMC to mature its C4UAS mission role variant system requirements documentation and pursue additional development of a purpose-built ARV solution. Additionally, to continue the evaluation and shaping of the ARV program requirements, Textron Systems was awarded an amendment to the ARV C4UAS OTA, aimed at enhancing both the C4 and automotive systems of the ARV through improvements of supply chain risk reduction, cyber resiliency and sub-system reliability.

Throughout this evaluation period, the Cottonmouth supported three demonstrations with the Marine Corps. These demonstrations allowed various Marine units to take part in real-world mission scenarios. This opportunity showed the diverse capabilities that the Cottonmouth ARV brings to the table in future combat situations, while also demonstrating the unique features and technical advancements that will support the Marine Corps’ critical amphibious and reconnaissance missions.

One of the standout features of the Cottonmouth ARV is its exceptional swimming capabilities. These capabilities allow for seamless movement from land to water and vice versa at the push of a button, ensuring that Marines can swiftly respond to mission demands even in logistically contested environments.

Textron Systems has also prioritized rigorous automotive evaluation, ensuring that the Cottonmouth performs at the highest level on various terrains. From sandy deserts to rocky landscapes, this platform has proven its ability to conquer any obstacle. The advanced suspension system provides superior stability and maneuverability, allowing Marines to successfully navigate in a variety of terrain mission-sets.

Additionally, the C4 evaluation occurring throughout the year successfully demonstrated the advanced technology featured in the vehicle. The state-of-the-art vetronics developed for Cottonmouth ensures seamless integration with other Marine Corps assets and enables smooth coordination between different units during missions.

The successful evaluations this year demonstrates Textron Systems’ dedication to supporting the United States Marine Corps customer in achieving their mission objectives. The Cottonmouth ARV represents a new era of amphibious warfare, providing Marines with the tools they need to excel in any environment and mission set. Click here to learn more about the Cottonmouth and the developments made throughout 2023.

Source: Textron Systems news release

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