SOF Week 2023: TPL D1x makes the transition from vehicles to operators

Torrey Pines Logic Inc. (TPL), the leader in electro-optical devices for the military, announces that D1X Laser Detector, the Personal Laser Warning Detector, makes its transition from vehicles to operators.

Helping to keep our military safe when they are in theatre, D1x, a passive laser warning
receiver, protects operators from snipers, UAVs and many other battlefield platforms.

D1X™ is a passive laser warning receiver. It is designed to detect, and coarsely locate laser
emissions in the field, from laser pointing/illuminating devices and rangefinders. The device
enhanced safety and survivability for today’s battlefield environment covering all classes of
commercial and military laser devices.

D1X™ will alert its wearer of laser emissions in visible, nearIR and SWIR through selectable
audible, visual, and tactile feedback. The device can also be connected to a management
system or provide laser warning for a defensive aid platform via USB C port.

What could be more important than the safety of our military in theatre. The new Personal Laser Warning Detector, D1X™, will allow operators to feel safe when they are put in dangerous situations. We are delighted to be showcasing our technology at SOF Week and would be pleased to welcome SOF Week visitors to our booth.

Dr. Leo Volfson, President, Torrey Pines Logic

To protect operators from attacks, a sensor can be used and integrated into various battlefield solutions to enhance safety as well as mitigate friendly fire incidents be alerting the operator of incoming laser emissions. D1X™ has an extremely low false alarm rate with a typical response time of less than 50 milliseconds. The system can be used as worn front of back or attached to a helmet.

Source: Torrey Pines Logic news release

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