Schuberth GmbH Supplies New M100 Ballistic Helmet to Swiss and Romanian Special Forces

Head protection specialist SCHUBERTH GmbH from Magdeburg/ Germany has won a tender for ballistic protective helmets from the Romanian Ministry of Defense and a Swiss special forces unit.

Both contracts will be delivered via sales partner Alpine Fox in Switzerland and Rotman Industries SRL in Romania before the end of this year.

We are extremely proud to count the special forces of the Romanian Ministry of Defense and a Swiss police SF unit among our customers. The SCHUBERTH M100 ballistic protective helmet won against an international field of bidders in a call for tenders. In addition to the innovative features and outstanding ballistic protection, the high performance of our product in the maritime environment and the extremely low signature resulting in low detectability by night vision equipment were of particular importance to the Romanian customer. The numerous design and development loops, which were repeatedly tested by members of a wide range of European units, are now showing their value.

Milad Youkhanna, Head of the Business Unit Military & Law Enforcement at SCHUBERTH


The SCHUBERTH M100 is a modern combat helmet with superior wearing comfort and a high level of ballistic protection. Thanks to its open-architecture rail system and adjustable interior lining, it offers outstanding performance in all scenarios or threat levels. An above- average proportion of common parts across all sizes and optimized serviceability guarantee low life cycle costs and a high level of sustainability.

The advanced helmet shell technology provides a balanced blend of the highest protection and material composition that is not only durable and resistant, but also allows the helmet to be fully repaired. The M100 combines ballistic protection according to NIJ IIIA as well as VPAM 2 (5 cm edge impact) with the demanding impact absorption according to the climbing helmet standard EN 12492, the white-water helmet standard EN 1385, as well as the industrial safety standard EN 397.

Available in High-, Mid- or Fullcut, the M100 is characterized by its cross-manufacturer compatibility with headsets and communication solutions. The patented Ergonomic Headset Loop (EHL), developed specifically for the M100, is a webbing guide with rigidly designed segments that frames the headset, ensuring a perfect fit even during dynamic activities. This is complemented by the also patented Divided Modular Liner (DML), a two-piece headgear ring that not only allows the earpiece to fit perfectly under the helmet, but also enables individually adjusted to the shape of the user’s head.

The Device Connection Interface System (DCIS) of the SCHUBERTH M100 features a rear rail in addition to the side rail pair and a night vision shroud. This open system architecture provides room for capability development that already require compatibility with peripheral devices to be procured in the future. Additionally, a completely new dimension in the integration and management of peripheral devices is made possible by the specially developed SCHUBERTH Extended Connection Devices (ECD). These connections, which are distributed across all interfaces, not only permit a previously unknown level of advanced cable management, but also the integration of additional accessories such as lamps, covers or artificial camouflage elements.

Source: SCHUBERTH news relase

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