NFM GARM Ballistic Underwear: Where protection meets comfort

NFM is looking forward to revealing the GARM™ Ballistic Underwear on the global stage at Milipol 2024 in Paris. This product sets a new standard by offering soldiers dual benefits: unparalleled protection against serious blast injuries and long-lasting comfort for extended wear.

The NFM GARM™ Ballistic Underwear has already proven invaluable in protecting against high-speed secondary fragments up to 200 m/s. Developed by our subsidiary, Hexonia, this technological innovation is the result of a three-year R&D process led by Product Developer Eva Goral.

This isn’t just another piece of tactical clothing. It’s designed to save lives without compromising comfort. What makes it truly unique is that you wouldn’t know it’s lifesaving ballistic underwear just by feeling it— it’s that comfortable.

Eva Goral,Product Developer at NFM

Unmatched Comfort and High-Strength Material Blend

Our ballistic underwear not only defends against secondary injuries from blasts, but also such as those caused by IEDs, and integrates materials that maximize wearer comfort. High-performance fibres like silk, polyamide, and elastane are combined to provide both ballistic protection and a snug and comfortable fit.

The silk has a particularly high strength and feels pleasantly cool on the skin. Thanks to its hydrophilic properties, it absorbs moisture and passes it on to the overlying layers of clothing. As a result, it dries quickly and has a climate-regulating effect.

The absence of seams significantly enhances explosion protection, as seams are often the weakest points in a protective system.

Eva Goral,Product Developer at NFM

The unique blend of materials and knitting technology provides;

  • High ballistic performance: Tailored to protect against high-speed fragments up to 200m/s
  • Fragment and blast protection: Designed to prevent micro-penetrations that risk infection and soft tissue damage
  • Enhanced thermal comfort: Low insulation values for better thermal regulation, particularly important for prolonged wear across climates.

Hexonia utilizes cutting-edge circular knitting machines to produce almost seamless torsos, minimizing skin irritation and increasing protective integrity.

Get Hands-On Experience at Milipol 2023

NFM GARM™ Ballistic Underwear will be showcased for the first time at Milipol 2023 in Paris, at the NFM booth 5D 083 between November 14th-17th.

The NFM GARM™ Ballistic Underwear will be integrated into NFM GARM™ Combat Clothing standard line and consists of a shirt and pants available with both short and long sleeves and trouser legs, fitting the unique requirements of individual operators. Available in the NFM colours Rapture Green and Raven Black.

Source: NFM news release

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