MBDA and PGZ join forces on CAMM-MR development

MBDA and PGZ have signed an agreement to co-operate on developing a new CAMM medium-range low-cost interceptor at MSPO 2023 in Kielce. The CAMM-MR missile is being designed to meet the needs of advanced ground and naval air defence at medium ranges.

The letter of intent between PGZ and MBDA follows on from the UK and Polish governments agreeing to progress development of a future common missile based on the Common Anti-air Modular Missile (CAMM) family as part of the UK–Poland 2030 strategic partnership.

The new CAMM-MR missile concept has been created under a contract from the Polish Ministry of National Defence, with the new missile intended to complement CAMM & CAMM-ER within the integrated air and missile defence (IAMD) capabilities of the MIECZNIK and PILICA+/NAREW/WISLA programmes.

This joint working on a new missile is a historic step for our companies and for the development of European solutions for the Defense of Europe. MBDA was created to champion the cross border development of missile systems in Europe and so we’re very proud to be working in concert with PGZ and Poland on this exciting new project.

Eric Béranger, CEO of MBDA
Chris Allam (right), MBDA Executive Group Director Engineering and Managing Director United Kingdom, Sebastian Chwałek (left), President of the Management Board of PGZ S.A.

This particular LOI is intended to pave the road map of future activities that both PGZ and MBDA should undertake to engage in design, development and production of CAMM-MR. We also call this initiative as Future Common Missile to convey our aspiration it will serve both the Polish and British Armed Forces as common munition with dual source of production. This is a new chapter for PGZ and we are very motivated to engage especially in design and development with assets that we have at hand or being implemented right now e.g. HWIL Laboratory, as a solid and strategic partner of MBDA.

Sebastian Chwałek, President of the Management Board of PGZ S.A.

Polish involvement in the future development of the CAMM family follows on from the successful UK-Italian co-operation that created CAMM-ER.

MBDA is currently working with PGZ to enhance Poland’s missile capabilities, including through the PILICA+, NAREW, MIECZNIK and OTTOKAR BRZOZA programmes backed by transfer of knowledge and technology from MBDA to Poland’s defence industry. This joint working is providing decisive military capabilities to Poland, driving significant value for money and boosting the Polish economy and high-skilled jobs.

Source: MBDA news release

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