INVISIO receives order for SEK 40 million from existing customer

INVISIO has received an order worth SEK 40 million from an existing customer for the company’s latest and most advanced personal system for communication and hearing protection.

The order is from a long-standing customer of INVISIO, and it further strengthens both the business relationship and the company’s position and opportunity for further business.

The order is for the new INVISIO V-Series Gen II system. The solution contains a series of innovations, including automatic sound adaptation based on the surrounding noise level and digital signal processing technology that filters away unwanted noise while increasing speech understanding. The solution also enables enhanced customization of mission-specific solutions. The order includes in addition a large number of the company’s new T7 headsets.

Most of the deliveries will be made in the first half of 2023.

It is gratifying that we are now deepening our relationship with a customer that is important to us. The order is particularly significant in that it refers to our newly developed V-Series Gen II-system and the recently launched T7 headset.

Our long-standing relations with customers characterize INVISIO. For several years we have had the benefit of working together with many of them, which has contributed significantly to our strong market position. Close customer relations are a cornerstone of our growth strategy.

Lars Højgård Hansen, CEO of INVISIO

The customer has previously ordered several Intercom systems and INVISIO hopes that they will continue to invest both in personal communication equipment and equipment for internal communication in vehicles.

The INVISIO system offers improved communication in noisy environments, both in the field and in vehicles, while the solution protects the users’ hearing and strengthens situational awareness, giving considerable operative and tactical advantages.

Source: INVISIO news release

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