HUXWRX Safety Co. HUB Compatible VENTUM 762 Suppressor

HUXWRX Safety Co. proudly announces the first HUB compatible VENTUM 762 suppressor – the latest in a long line of technological advancements from the pioneers and innovators of Flow-Through® technology.

Constructed with a removable 3D-printed Grade 5 Titanium core and 17-4 stainless steel suppressor housing, the VENTUM 762 suppressor is the first of its kind to come from HUXWRX.

The new design is preassembled for direct thread compatibility and features an optional universal HUB mounting system, which allows adapters such as Xeno, KeyMo, and ASR. It is cross-platform functional and ideal for bolt and lever action, centerfire, bullpup, and AK platforms.

We have created the VENTUM 762 to be a perfect entry suppressor for those wanting to experience the benefits of Flow-Through® technology at an affordable price. Our goal was to make this the most versatile Flow-Through® suppressor on the market to allow all customers the ability to use this on a wide range of caliber and mounting options.

Auburn Flores, HUXWRX’ Director of Marketing

Named for its function, this new suppressor makes hunting, training, and long-range precision shooting a “breeze”. The VENTUM 762 is easily serviceable and provides all the benefits of true Flow-Through® technology including toxic fume mitigation, improved sound performance, and excellent repeatability. Full-auto rated, it comes with a detachable Geo-Flash cap and does not require modifications to the platform or gas system to install or operate this suppressor.

Source: HUXWRX news release

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