ENFORCE TAC 2024: The GORE-TEX brand presents the Flexible Layering System

An increasingly common scenario: public order police accompany a demonstration in all weathers, standing for hours in the cold and braving heavy rain. Suddenly, fireworks, Molotov cocktails and flares explode, and explosive flames endanger the emergency services. For the protection and comfort of public order police, the GORE-TEX brand (Gore) has expanded its laminate portfolio for flame-retardant protective clothing: the Flexible Layering System offers laminates for a modular clothing system that flexibly equips riot police for different weather conditions, temperatures, and operational situations – without compromising on protection, performance, or comfort.

The specialist for technical functional textiles will be presenting the laminates for this system at Enforce Tac 2024 in Nuremberg (February 26 – 28, 2024) at booth 7A 537.

The basic idea behind the system comes from the military: layers of clothing that can be flexibly and modularly adapted to the operating conditions. After all, no two days are the same in the police force: Police officers have to withstand heat, cold, wind, moisture, chemicals, and flames on duty. Every deployment has high demands on freedom of movement, especially when wearing additional protective equipment.

Three layers of clothing for tailored protection and comfort

The three layers of the flexible system can be worn individually or flexibly combined with each other. GORE-TEX Professional has developed customised laminates for each layer:

Layer 1: Daily Duty Uniform (DDU)

This lightweight base layer offers protection and comfort for everyday use. It is highly abrasion-resistant and therefore durable, breathable and quick-drying. The uniform is equipped with the innovative PYRAD® technology for flame protection.

Layer 2: Insulated Riot Suit

The second layer can be worn over the Daily Duty Uniform (DDU) in cold or wet weather. With the comfort and appearance of softshell clothing, it can be equipped with either GORE-TEX technology for moisture protection or WINDSTOPPER® technology by GORE-TEX Labs for absolute protection from the wind. PYRAD® technology is always included.

Layer 3: Hardshell Riot Suit

Like the Insulated Riot Suit, this additional layer offers durable protection against moisture as well as common chemicals, heat, and flames. The Hardshell Riot Suit can be combined with any of the other clothing layers. It is optionally available with lightweight PYRAD® technology or as a 3-layer laminate with aramid outer fabric.

PYRAD® technology for reliable protection against heat and flames

PYRAD® technology is based on a physical effect: countless small and reactive graphite particles are evenly and permanently incorporated into the fabric. If the particles are activated by sudden heat or flames, they suddenly expand by more than ten times their original size, forming a stable, gapless carbon layer. This greatly reduces the flow of heat through the fabric and stops the spread of flames. As a result, no holes form, there is no afterburning and no dripping.

GORE-TEX FR Stretch for maximum freedom of movement

Stand, run, defend yourself: A high degree of freedom of movement is essential in the field, especially when additional protective equipment such as impact protection has to be worn. To improve the mobility and fit of the clothing, the laminates can therefore be combined with the new, flame-retardant, and waterproof GORE-TEX FR Stretch laminates. This allows unprecedented freedom of movement and fewer restrictions – regardless of whether the body protection is worn under or over the clothing. Clothing worn close to the body also increases its breathability.

Tested, approved, and procured by most Swiss cantons

Following extensive tests, most Swiss cantons will be using the system’s laminates in future:

The Flexible Layering System fits perfectly into our new overall range of flame-retardant clothing for the non-peaceful law enforcement service. In addition to the high level of functionality in terms of weather and flame protection, we are impressed by the light weight and high level of comfort.

Daniel Bernasconi, Project Manager for the cross-corps renewal of work uniforms (KEP)

Source: W.L. Gore news release

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