Elbit America to produce Integrated Headborne Sensor System Prototype for U.S. Army

Elbit Systems of America (Elbit America) received an Other Transaction Authority contract from SOSSEC, Inc., through the Sensors, Communication, and Electronics Consortium (SCEC), to produce the Integrated Headborne Sensor System (IHSS) prototype for dismounted Soldiers in the United States Army.

Elbit America’s IHSS is a wearable system, allowing Soldiers to remain mobile, while they acquire, share, and utilize critical information on the battlefield. The system fuses a myriad of sensors into a lightweight Head Up Display that provides unprecedented situational awareness. Elbit America’s prototype evolves through three prototype development phases during a 72-month period.

Elbit America will iteratively develop and mature a headborne display with superb imaging and augmented reality technology over the next six years under this contract. During the process, the company works directly with Soldiers to gather feedback through multiple touchpoints. These touchpoints are critical to the development and allow the product to advance rapidly, while incorporating Soldier feedback.

Elbit America is known for its next-generation Warfighter Visual Augmentation Systems. With the Integrated Headborne Sensor System development, we’re merging the expertise from our precision targeting team in Merrimack, with the night vision goggle expertise out of our Roanoke facility. Together, these teams will create a new system that is specifically tailored to Soldier needs and provides the right information at the right times, all in a lightweight package.

Erik Fox, Vice President of Warfighter Systems at Elbit America

The IHSS is another solution Elbit America is evolving to enable the Soldier of the future. The company is currently developing a number of sophisticated decision aids, display systems, and more to assist dismounted Soldiers in both urban, subterranean, and other contested environments.

Elbit America is a subcontractor to SOSSEC, Inc., who is the Sensors, Communications and Electronics Consortium that leads work between the U.S government and member companies on OTAs. Other Transaction Authority contracts are special funding vehicles used by federal agencies for advancing research and development prototypes quickly.

For decades, Elbit America has supported the U.S. Army on a multitude of programs. The workforce designs and assembles solutions at various facilities that aid Soldiers – whether they’re ground-based or airborne. Elbit America provides innovative solutions that protect and save lives.

Source: Elbit Systems news release

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