DSEI 2023: Avon Protection unveils new CBRN protection and military diving concepts

Avon Protection, a renowned leader in innovative mission-critical systems, introduces new concepts in CBRN protective equipment and military diving technologies at DSEI 2023.

With a focus on advanced materials, innovation and full ensemble integration, the company’s first CBRN protective suit concept is on display, developed in partnership with OPEC CBRNe. The full body garment is designed to integrate with Avon Protection’s widely deployed CBRN respiratory masks, including the FM50 air purifying respirator (APR), and EXOSKIN boots and gloves for international military, special forces and first responder markets.

The new suit concept will build on Avon Protection’s recent success in the CBRN garment market, having been awarded the NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) contract for its EXOSKIN boots and gloves range in July; and will give users a fully integrated CBRN ensemble option from a single supplier that delivers the highest chemical, biological and antiviral protection levels combined with advanced wearer comfort.

Our equipment protects over 3.5 million users around the world each day, in large part because we have continued to innovate and improve comfort and safety levels for operators no matter how extreme their environment or how daunting their task. At DSEI we are showcasing our latest cutting-edge developments that are the result of deep investment in materials and technology innovation, to better support those who protect us, every day.

Steve Elwell, President Avon Protection

Avon Protection is also showcasing a new type of APR system for operational applications that don’t require full CBRN protection. The Modular integrated Tactical Respirator (MiTR) concept is a low-burden, high-performance respiratory protection system. With a non-traditional, integrated low-profile filter, MiTR is built around a next-generation positive pressure goggle, with a novel integration design that enables the wearer to don the mask without removing their helmet.

We find that the current mix-and-match approach to protective equipment leaves the wearer subject to certain weaknesses at the points where different systems connect – such as the hood opening around a mask visor, over the helmet, or where the suit meets the boots or gloves.

With this new concept, we started with our range of CBRN masks, EXOSKIN boots and gloves, and Team Wendy ballistic helmets, and designed the suit to integrate seamlessly with them – ensuring not only vastly improved safety levels, but also increased user comfort.

Justin Hine, Director of Strategy & Capability, Avon Protection

In the underwater domain, Avon Protection is integrating new capabilities to improve two-way command and control (C2) and situational awareness for military divers throughout their training and operational events. The integration of a Sonardyne transceiver into Avon Protection’s MCM100 multi-role rebreather system will allow divers to remain connected to commanders on diver delivery vessels, surface vessels and the wider network. This will improve real-time safety and situational awareness for divers and give commanders greater oversight on diver geolocation and mission-critical data, such as oxygen and CO2 levels, system alerts, diver vital signs, and battery life, received from the MCM100. Additionally, an improved heads-up display allows divers to see critical information projected in their line of vision, allowing hands free capability for mission tasking.

The new diving technologies, CBRN suit and MiTR concepts are on display at DSEI alongside Avon Protection’s full range of APRs, escape hoods, SCBA systems, modular PAPR units, EXOSKIN boots and gloves, and Team Wendy ballistic helmets.

Source: Avon Protection news release

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