A-TACS U|CON Concealment Solution Camo Pattern

A-TACS® identified the essential need for a Universal Camouflage pattern designed for transitional terrain. As the landscape of conflict in the world has evolved-so has the need for an effective concealment system designed to function in a variety of operational environments. After two years of comprehensive development and testing in visual and Near Infrared Spectrum: A-TACS delivered with U|CON.™

The new A-TACS U|CON pattern was developed and tested extensively in the field with the assistance of Military and Tactical professionals. A variety of pattern color configurations and orientations were studied before arriving at the final design. Union of art and the science of concealment were both integral components in U|CON’s development.

Part of the process was observational; through studying recurring shapes, tones, and colors in natural surroundings. Grouping those tones and colors in a very specific way creates visual confusion. The only limitations are the printing processes themselves, which are becoming more sophisticated with each passing year.

We are able to do more with tone, color and shading than we were in the past.

Philip Duke, Owner/Designer

The new A-TACS U|CON certainly tests those criteria by utilizing color grouping and segmentation of larger micro elements to further the original A-TACS “pattern within a pattern” concept in a transitional terrain color palette. The additional layering of digital half tone elements assists in creating depth and dimension within the U|CON pattern.

A-TACS is a trusted name in the camouflage industry long known for the development of innovative theatre specific concealment solutions. Utilized worldwide by military personnel, Special Operations forces, Private Contractors, Law Enforcement and three letter Government Agencies as well as Recreational Enthusiasts.

A-TACS historically has been known for creating truly innovative camouflage patterns; with the introduction and launch of the original A-TACS AU® (Arid/Urban) Camouflage pattern in 2009. The first company to introduce the “pattern within a pattern” concept utilizing micro patterns segmented into larger macro patterns with the effective use of color grouping. This effect enhanced the patterns natural ability to break up the human outline and create visual distortion at a greater distance than most other camo patterns available at the time.

A-TACS U|CON uses color grouping and segmentation of larger micro elements to further this original concept in a transitional terrain color palette.

Source: A-TACS news release

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