Unity Tactical Brings USB-C Capability to Weapon-Mounted Lights and Switches

UNITY™ Tactical, a designer of components that integrate tactical systems and optimize the human factor, announced the launch of its LINK™ USB-C System today. This system includes GASCAP™ – a LINK USB-C Tailcap for SureFire® Scout®-style weapon lights – and the addition of LINK USB-C capability to three of its existing lines of modular electronic switches. This system marks a paradigm shift for switching technology, bringing USB-C capabilities to weapon mounted lights and switches that will expand future capabilities.

The robust performance of the LINK System interface provides near-zero-loss output and dependable, repeatable activation. The lateral and reversible interface on the GASCAP provides a variety of mounting and cable management options, while its cage protects the cable and ensures a solid lockup. GASCAP features an onboard full-size latching button for momentary or constant activation of your device.

USB-C technology offers a wealth of benefits to support UNITY’s next generation of switching and integration. It’s compact, lightweight, highly durable and its reversible connector yields added convenience. This technology increases the capability and versatility of all our lines of AXON™, AXON SL and ModButton™ Lite switches.

Mike Roth, VP of business development for UNITY Tactical

Made of high-impact polymer, GASCAP™ weighs nearly one ounce less than other available tailcaps. Its superior strength-to-weight ratio means it’s durable in even the most severe environments. It is waterproof up to one meter for 30 minutes with or without a cable installed.

The LINK™ System will initially be offered with GASCAP™ and within UNITY’s AXON, AXON SL and the Modlite ModButton Lite switch portfolios, with future switching innovations and product expansions to come.

The LINK System challenges the conventions of how switching has been done for the last several decades. USB-C technology not only advances performance in the near-term, but also standardizes integration points, opening the door for future connectivity and developments.

Trent Zimmer, founder and president of UNITY Tactical

GASCAP is initially available for SureFire Scout-style weapon lights in black or FDE. It retails for $109 and will be available for purchase in Oct., along with LINK USB-C variants of AXON, AXON SL and ModButton Lite switches,

Source: Unity Tactical news release

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