SENTRY Products Group 1082 Mounting Array

Refining Individual Load-Carrying Equipment systems, SENTRY Products Group patented 1082 Mounting Array offers soldiers, police, security, and outdoor enthusiast the most customizable mounting platform available on the market.

Innovations are born out of need. One such example is MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment system) developed in 1997. MOLLE was built on the PALS (Pouch Attachment Ladder System), which was a grid of horizontal rows spaced 1” apart, providing the user the ability to attach pouches and accessories. These innovations saw rapid adoption across the industry and battlefield, allowing individuals to securely affix pouches and accessories to vests, packs, and belts dependent upon the mission and significantly increasing their capabilities.

While this advancement was significant, problems multiplied as additional gear was issued and intended for use in the limited space. The repeating grid of the PALS system meant that to relocate a pouch, the option was a vertical adjustment of 2”, or a horizontal adjustment of 1”. This restriction limited optimizing gear placement for easy access or as to not restrict movements.

SENTRY Products Group™ developed and patented the 1082 Mounting Array to combat the issues current MOLLE systems face, revolutionizing how a soldier’s kit is worn, and gear is accessorized. This technology is the basis of their Gunnar Series of carriers, vests, belts, and pouches. The advantage to the Mounting Array is that the placement of the apertures significantly multiplies the mounting options available over traditional systems, with relocation increments of ½” vertical and ¾” horizontal allowing for more precise gear placement.

SENTRY has also addressed several issues associated with old-school gear through a combination of material choice and construction methods. The material used is an advanced laminate comprised of 1000 Denier and 500 Denier nylon. Strong, and extremely abrasion resistant, this combination is lighter and more stable than multiple layers or 1000 Denier which was traditionally used. Unlike traditional PALS construction, where the ladders were mounted to the base platform increasing weight and comprising the base structure, the patented 1082 Mounting Array removes material sections to create the Mounting Array. Finally, an attribute of the laminate material is that it is hydrophobic, meaning is does not absorb moisture. For any waterborne operators and operators wearing their kits in damp or rainy environments, this feature keeps their kits from getting waterlogged and adding additional weight.

SENTRY has multiple designs to fit Swimmers Cut and Shooters Cut plates in either traditional or low-profile designs. Sizing is done by the individuals plate size. Shoulder straps are anatomically cut to allow for better load balance, padded for comfort, and adjustable for overall length. The three cummerbund options have the same Mounting Array to accept pouches and accessories, and are available in multiple sizes to adapt to operator waist size.

You can accessorize your kit with SENTRY’s full line of pouches utilizing the same laminate materials for high strength and weight reduction. The pouches utilize SENTRY’s Variable Mounting Platform. This system allows the pouches to be mounted using an integrated lightweight strap, and aftermarket MOLLE straps and clips or ALICE clips. Where available there is also an integrated belt loop attachment in both allowing mounting directly to belt, or strap in either horizontal or vertical positions.

Clearly, this advancement has expanded the functionality of load-bearing equipment allowing operators to configure their gear to meet their mission set.

SENTRY Gunnar Series Plate Carrier Swimmers Cut

  • Lightweight, low-profile design
  • High Strength 500D/1000D nylon laminate
  • Integrated plate carrier and ergo dynamic shoulder straps
  • SENTRY’s 1082 MOLLE/PALS mounting platform
  • Integrated Kangaroo pouch on the front panel
  • Integrated access to front and reap plate pockets
  • Integrated routing channels for electronics

SENTRY’s Variable Mounting Platform™

  • Enables accessories to mount directly on standard 1.5” – 1.75” belts via MOLLE / PALS mounting or integrated belt loops in either vertical, horizontal, or diagonal mounted orientations.
  • The patent pending 1082™ mounting platform on the front of each pouch supports nesting units together, allowing quick configuration of gear to support mission demands.
  • The low-profile construction method eliminated traditional binding tape minimizing pouch footprint and freeing space on duty belts or load-bearing equipment.

SENTRY’s Pouches and Belts

  • The patent pending 1082™ mounting platform on the front of each tactical pouch supports nesting units together, allowing quick configuration of gear to support mission demands.

Source: SENTRY Tactical news release

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