MSPO 2023: SMARTSHOOTER to present the SMASH technology endorsed by several NATO forces

SMARTSHOOTER, a world-class designer, developer, and manufacturer of innovative fire control systems that significantly increase small arms’ accuracy, lethality, and situational awareness while reducing training costs, will present its SMASH family of fire control systems at the MSPO exhibition in Poland.

In a joint stand with the company’s local reseller, MILDAT, SMARTSHOOTER will present the SMASH 3000 handheld fire control system and the SMASH HOPPER remotely controlled weapon station.

Ideal for open field, urban-combat, and C-UAS use cases, the company’s SMASH technology uses AI, computer vision, and advanced algorithms to ensure precise hit capabilities, enhance forces’ situational awareness and lethality and reduce collateral damage. The SMASH Family of Fire Control Systems, employed by special forces and friendly military units globally, including the IDF, the US Army, the Indian Armed Forces, as well as diverse armed forces in Europe and NATO, empowers soldiers to operate with intelligence, precision, and interconnectedness.

SMARTSHOOTER is committed to helping friendly forces achieve their goals, and hit their relevant targets precisely and with minimal firepower. SMASH is an ideal solution against drone threats, we are happy to see more and more friendly forces that decided to move forward to operationally use our SMASH fire control systems.


In 2023, both the German and the British MOD purchased SMASH systems, to counter UAV threats.

Source: SmartShooter news release

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