MSPO 2023: Direct Action invites you to MSPO in Kielce, Poland

For Direct Action®, a world-renowned manufacturer of top-tier tactical equipment for both military and police special forces, attending the MSPO 2023 expo in Kielce is a must. All the more so since the company’s headquarters and production facilities are located in Poland.

Direct Action® was created to harness the expertise and knowledge of our designers, who are specialists in modern military operations.

We not only design and produce our equipment but truly understand its intricacies.

At MSPO, we will showcase, among others, the base of our offering, including plate carriers (like Bearcat, Spitfire, and Spitfire MKII) along with dedicated products – from various types of pouches, flaps, cummerbunds, belts, belt sleeves, chest rigs, medical kits, to weapon slings – ensuring a broad range of configurations. Following the “Individual-as-a-System” philosophy, our solutions allow for the assembly of a kit tailored to a specific task. A systematic approach to individual equipment has resulted in high compatibility of various components, meaning they can be interchanged across many of our products. Visit our booth and see for yourself the versatility of our gear.

In addition to displays of configuration possibilities at the Direct Action booth, attendees can personally experience the high quality of our products, discover the full brand range, and get a close look at our new products (including the Halifax Small backpack, Lysander MED bag, and Rope Bag).

Join us in Kielce from September 5th to 8th.
Hala Namiotowa, Booth No. H-78

More details:

The MSPO International Defence Industry Fair is the most significant event in the tactical and military industry in Central and Eastern Europe. The conflict on Poland’s eastern border has underscored the immense importance of ensuring safety and proper protection.

Source: Direct Action news release

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