Helikon-Tex M65 Covert: Iconic design with modern features

We all know that purely iconic garments are here to stay, no matter the trends or sceptics’ opinions. It doesn’t mean though that we can sit complacently and just reproduce the old styles – there’s always room for improvement, and we’re always on our Journey to Perfection. The M65 Covert Jacket is the next step in that direction. Have a look at it!


The main goal was to stay as close as it’s possible to the vintage M65 Jacket design. That means that the stand-up collar, a fly front closure with a zip and the classic chest and hip pockets are all there, just as in the original version from the 70s.

Our M65 Covert Jacket keeps the length of its ancestor as well, so it ends at the bottom of the hip, providing you with better protection from cold.


That old school military-style jacket left as with lots of possible ways of improvement, so we decided to spice things up with modern tactical features. For example, the over mentioned zip closure is provided with a breakaway system, so you’ll be able to access your weapon extremely fast.

The inner pockets as well as the hip outer pocket will suit carbine mags and other essentials. There’s also an additional inner pocket that can be turned into an improvised takeaway fanny pack. The upper part and the elbow areas are made of elastic materials not to restrict you while in action.


With this mix of old and time-tested patterns and modern tactical features, it’s totally up to you whether you’d use the M65 Covert Jacket as a concealed carry garment or a day to day vintage-looking outerwear.

Whatever your choice, you can be sure you’re wearing a reliable and truly protective year-round jacket. Combined with other Helikon-Tex Urban Line clothes it makes a great set for all modern men.

Source: Helikon-Tex press release

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