WOLF-X Remote Combat Vehicle from Team HDT (primed by McQ)

AUSA 2023: HDT Set to Unveil WOLF-X

Team HDT, announced today that they will unveil their groundbreaking RCV solution, the WOLF-X, to Army leaders and defense industry professionals at the Association of the United States Army’s (AUSA) Annual Meeting 2023 in Washington, DC, Oct. 9-11.

WOLF-X Remote Combat Vehicle from Team HDT (primed by McQ)

We’re honored to be a part of AUSA, where we have the privilege of showcasing the WOLF-X – an impressive piece of battlefield technology for our warfighters. This opportunity underscores our commitment to innovation and collaboration, and we eagerly anticipate the discussions and partnerships that will shape the future of defense capabilities.

Kevin McSweeney, HDT Global CEO

The WOLF-X is an 8×8 wheeled Robotic Combat Vehicle with superior transportability and mobility that’s rugged, reliable, and easy to operate and maintain. Purpose-built for the US Army RCV program, the WOLF-X exceeds all requirements and is engineered to accommodate future growth requirements.

Compact and stealthy, the WOLF-X fits inside a CH-47D in its base configuration yet delivers more than enough power to carry an MK44 30mm chain gun and enhanced armor in its advanced configuration. The WOLF-X delivers powerful cutting-edge technology solutions for today’s multi-domain battlefield. With superior performance characteristics optimized for the RCV performance specifications, the WOLF-X is a force-multiplying capability for our nation’s Warfighters.

The HDT WOLF-X has an advanced design that is engineered for future growth. Leveraging our expertise in robotic vehicle design and manufacturing, the WOLF-X expands on the mature technology of the HDT robotic Hunter WOLF, delivering the right material solution to carry out critical missions on the complex modern battlefield.

Tom Van Doren, HDT Global CTO

Source: HDT Global news release

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