Frag Out! Magazine #16 - Zero Tolerance 0085BW & 0909

Zero Tolerance 0085BW & 0909

Zero Tolerance is a part of KAI USA Ltd.,member of the KAI Group founded in 2006, which also owns Kershaw. However, as long as the offer of Kershaw is very differentiated and addressed to a very broad spectrum of the recipients, the Zero Tolerance knives are a more specialized line. They are distinguished by using the high-quality materials and their designs are consequently maintained in the tactical stylistics.

TTwo knives by Zero Tolerance, which I have used recently are not the exceptions to this rule. The Zero Tolerance 0095BW & 0909. Both tested pieces visually correspond with the military style, although it is highlighted in a different manner in each of them. The Zero Tolerance 0095BW features a very modern, geometric design yet nicely harmonized by the smooth transitions between the knife lines…



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