ZEISS DTC 3 – The First Thermal Clip-On Device from ZEISS

ZEISS is introducing the ZEISS DTC 3, its first thermal clip-on device for night hunting. The ZEISS DTC (digital thermal clip-on) combines sophisticated image processing with an intuitive operating concept and also features a practical zero-in assistant via the ZEISS Hunting app.

The thermal imaging attachment comes in two models, the ZEISS DTC 3/25 and the 3/38.

The ZEISS DTC 3 is a best-in-class thermal imaging clip-on that enables all hunters to accurately identify their game and ensure that their shots are precisely on target for ethical hunting in the dark.

Carsten Backhaus, Product Manager for Hunting at ZEISS

High-Performance Optics for Great Detail Recognition

“To accurately identify the game and take an ethical, accurate shot it is essential to have high-performance optics that provide a sharp and clear view,” Backhaus said. With a high-quality germanium lens, 12-micron sensors, and a large HD AMOLED display, the new ZEISS DTC 3 makes it possible to see the finest details to precisely identify the game when hunting at night thanks to its sophisticated image processing.

Intuitive Operation for Reliable Hunting Success

“When hunting in total darkness and silence, being able to operate the attachment intuitively and silently is critical to success,” Backhaus explained. The central location of the focusing turret on the upper side of the DTC makes it easier to reach and focus precisely and prevents the hunter’s fingers from colliding with the barrel of the firearm when focusing. The ErgoControl concept – already proven in the ZEISS DTI 3 thermal imaging camera – features an intelligent, cross-shaped button layout and simple, intuitive menu navigation to complement the user-friendly operating concept.

Flexibility and Precision – Thanks to the Zero-In-Assistant

The new zero-in-assistant, which can be operated via the ZEISS Hunting app, allows the user to quickly and precisely synchronize the clip-on, the optics, and the rifle. “Hunters only need to enter the distance to the target and the shot positioning in comparison to the initial aiming point into the app. The assistant then independently calculates the correction values and adjusts the display accordingly. This eliminates the need to calculate clicks and makes the process much faster and less stressful,” continued Backhaus. “Once the combination of ZEISS DTC 3 and riflescope has been successfully zeroed in, this information can be saved in the app and on the clip-on device as one of four profiles, so it is easy to switch from one riflescope to another with the DTC.” Connecting the clip-on device to the ZEISS Hunting app via Bluetooth offers the user a wide range of additional customization options.

Perfectly Equipped for Every Hunting Situation

“Whether stalking or in the open field, every night hunt is different. With our two ZEISS DTC 3/25 and 3/38 models, we offer the right companion for every hunting situation,” emphasized Backhaus. For hunting in wooded areas and stalking, the ZEISS DTC 3/25, with its field of view of 18.4 meters at 100 meters, provides hunters with a wide overview while also offering the ability to precisely identify details. The ZEISS DTC 3/38 can range up to 1,950 meters and offers extended range and accuracy for open field hunting. The battery life of 10 hours can be extended, if desired, by a standby mode automatically triggered by an angle sensor, ensuring that both models can be used for a long time in any hunting situation.

Easy Mounting with the ZEISS DTC Adapter

An adapter is required to connect the thermal imaging clip-on to a riflescope. The new ZEISS DTC adapter offers reliable repeatability when mounting and dismounting the ZEISS DTC 3, allowing different riflescopes to be attached easily and precisely. The robust bayonet lock ensures safe and stable mounting, so there is no shot deviation caused by the attachment. The two-piece adapter consists of the ZEISS DTC-A, which is available for riflescopes with objective diameters of 42mm, 50mm and 56mm, and the ZEISS DTC-R M52 in standard size. The DTC-R and DTC-A are not included in the scope of delivery of the ZEISS DTC 3 and can be purchased separately.

Further Information and Availability

The ZEISS DTC 3/38 thermal clip-on device will be available from authorized dealers in summer 2022 with a RRP of 4000€ (incl. German VAT). Further information regarding the availability of the ZEISS DTC 3/25 (RRP: 3600€ incl. German VAT) will be available soon. The ZEISS DTC-A (RRP: 185€ incl. German VAT) and DTC-R (RRP: 90€ incl. German VAT) will also be available in summer 2022

Source: ZEISS news release

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