Gallo-Rooster drone system after successful indoor reconnaissance mission

USSOCOM to Receive Robotican Indoor Unmanned Reconnaissance Drone Systems

Robotican has successfully delivered its first indoor UAS to the USSOCOM for operational evaluation.

The Gallo is an unmanned reconnaissance system that enables rapid, live situational-awareness and forward observation in confined spaces, such subterranean environments or inside buildings. The Gallo is the first hybrid unmanned platform that has both land robot and aerial drone capabilities. Combining these two disciplines provides an effective tool for a diverse variety of indoor operations.

The Gallo’s MESH communication enables the simultaneous operation of three Gallo’s from the same control unit, relaying communication in indoor, communication-denied environments. The Gallo is suitable for military missions, as well as for search and rescue missions in locations of risk.

Gallo-Rooster drone system after successful indoor reconnaissance mission

Following delivery, a training course was held that included system operation and mission execution many operational scenarios, such as urban warfare, tunnels, urban and rural warfare, and indoor-mission training.

We are very thrilled to have concluded our first Gallo delivery and training course with the USSOCOM. It is very exciting to see the fruits of our hard work integrated into an operational unit such as the Special Forces. We are looking forward to more Gallo-system courses and our continued collaboration with the US Armed Forces.

Hagai Balshai, CEO Robotican

Source: Robotican news release

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